Via Kalevala 2016-2035

Via Kalevala 2017 project


VIA KALEVALA 2016-2035 and Finland 100

Via Kalevala construction of cultural tourism route initiative was in 2016. Action by the 1,000 km-walk in the Kalevala Paikkari Torppa. through the White villages Uhtua poem. Walking implemented in 2017. Iindependence jubilee walking and walks will continue Kalevala. Until the publication of the 200th anniversary year of 2035.

Walking events are intended to raise the Finno-Karelian folklore tourism brand 180 years old and the most widely known of our national spirit. The project brings together in health, culture andnature experiences entity, which attracts urbanized and

nature experiences entity, which attracts urbanized and people searching for their roots.

Of the Cultural Forum of the project proposal (link)

“The project is ELMA’s Memories- and memory paths of the project 2016-2018 of the 2017 sub-project. Finland became independent, socio-cultural and cultural conditions were created thanks to Finnish-language poetry and literature development, on the basis of the 2016 Kalevala-walking experience drawn up a detailed project plan in the autumn of 2016 in cooperation with the Finnish and Russian partners, who are willing to participate in the project development and implementation. Partner Network meets Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum in Tampere, accepting a sub-project of the 2017 Action Plan. The project will be carried out during Finland’s independence anniversary of the Kalevala walk in the summer of 2017. It will be selebrated either walking through Finland or only Kajaani – Vuokatti – Sotkamo – Kuhmo – Suomussalmi – Vuokkiniemi between, depending on how widely the event can be found willing “