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Via Kalevala 2017 Walking event

Edited press release, which was published on 28.2.2017 Kalevala

Kalevala walking at Suomussalmi 2017 and Viena Karelia

Started in the summer of 2016 Via Kalevala from 2016 to 2035 related to the project is carried out within the Kalevala 22.7.-5.8. Suomussalmella and Viena Karelia. End of 2017, the project is the design of Via Kalevala addition to the 2016-2035 project team Regional Council of Kainuu, in Suomussalmi municipality, Finland-Russia Society of Northern Finland district, within walking area of the village associations, Juminkeko Foundation and the Kainuu nature tourism entrepreneurs.

Walking Event-hand portion Finland carried out a four-day event on 22-25.7.Program include walking 22.7, president Ståhlberg birth home landscapes to Karhulavaara . There are organized Ståhlberg’s life’s work and on the opportunity of acquiring independence Finland. On Sunday, 23.7. walkers continue their journey to Raate border station, along the eastern border hiking trails to Malahvianvaara. There, get to know during the one-day ancient and restored the V route. Walking will continue on Tuesday 25.7. The eastern border of hiking trails along the Domnan Viena. Pirtti Dry Lake to the village, which hosts a walking Finnish share decision opportunities on Tuesday.

Viena Karelia portion of leave beyond the threshold of 26.7, in Vartius. There is realized a combined 12-day walking and poetry villages of familiarization. We’ll look at, inter alia, on the border of the village at Arhippa Perttunen birth Latvajärvi landscapes, we will continue on the north Venehjärvi, Vuonninen and Uhtua. We will return to the east side of the lake Receipt twisting through Haikola and Jyskyjärvi back in Kostomuksha. Walking Event Closing Ceremony will be held on Saturday 5.8.

The end of 2017 events within the design has already been involved in several Russian parties. Finnish side of the border back to the projects has been for many years an active player in the Kainuu Federation in cooperation with the Russian ecotourism-setting bodies.

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2017 via Kalevala project

Via Kalevala 2017