Via Kalevala 2016-2035

Tuesday 25.7 Kuivajärvi

DAY 4 Kuivajärvi

provisional timetable and program of the day

  • at 9:00 Starting from Kuivajärvi along the eastern border hiking trails and/or bus guided by local guides (n.20km)
  • Murhijärven sandwich lunch at the shelter and campfire coffee and sausages Giant’s Kettle Pond at the shelter
  • at 17:00 Accommodation Domnan the cabin, sauna, evening entertainment and dining
  • at 18:30 Heritage House event
  • ~ History of the village and the Via Kalevala 2017 Finland share a walking to the Closing event~



  • 125 € / person includes guided tours, transfers, lunch, snacks and dinner, accommodation Domnan cabin, a sauna and an evening meal, breakfast to the next day and closing events
  • 70 € / person includes entry fee, day services without an overnight stay, as well as maintenance of transport
  • 40 € / person includes entry fee, guided tours, transport service, if necessary,