Via Kalevala 2016-2035

Saturday 22.7 SUOMUSALMI

DAY 1 OPENING Suomussalmi


Preliminary timetable and program for the day:


  • from 11 to 12.00 Gathering Alanteen’s cottages yard, OPENING CEREMONY
  • 12.00 Suomussalmi local history museum, guided tour (Lönnrot visits Suomussalmi)
  • 13.00 Departure for the first 5 km walk towards the journey of the President Ståhlberg birth home in Karhulavaara
  • 14:00 Lunch at Old-fashioned bar Kaleva
  • 16:00 President Sthålbergin memorial stone, Karhulanvaara school (K.J. Ståhlberg and Finnish Independence)
  • 17:00 Closing

Transportation to the hotel, ÄMMÄNSAARI



  • 125 € / person includes museum admission, guided tour, lunch along the way, transportation to the hotel, stay at the hotel (H2) with breakfast
  • 70 € / person includes entry fee, day services without an overnight stay, as well as maintenance of transport
  • 40 € / person includes entry fee, guided tours, transport service, if necessary