Via Kalevala 2016-2035


Check the travel program which trip you want to participate and fill out the registration form below.


Please note the following things:

  • – Finnish-side units are more cost option
  • – Viena Karelia sold as one trip REGISTRATION AND ENDS 19.5.
  • – One registration form you can inform yourself apart from other people as well
  • – If you need transport and accommodation the day before Vartius crossing the border (not included in the price, if you do not buy the entire 16-day package), please contact our office, tel 050-5213795 (Tue-Thu from 10 to 16.30).
  • – Prices do not include Russian visa, you can obtain it through the price of EUR 85 / person, more for the visa documents that are necessary here (note: service fees will not be added!)
  • Overnight trips are organized trips, where we follow the general package tour terms and conditions, as well as ELMAN additional and special terms and conditions.



1) 125 €: Finnish side of the nightly rates, including the day of the program, all meals, accommodation, and transport.

2) 160 €: 23.7. Sunday-Monday, 24.07. including day programs, all meals, nights spent Vuokki cottage and transport

3) 70 €: half-day Finland walkers, including participation, meals, tours, and transportation service.

4) 40 €: Finnish half day walkers: includes participation, guided tours, and transportation service

5) 1500 €: Viena Karelia Route (12 days), on foot and by bus, full board services, the number of nights spent (application by 19.5).

6) 1900 €: The entire trip 23.7.-6.8. includes. all services (by application 19.5.) in Finland and Russia

Viena Karelia with the Finnish bus and driver and Finnish tour leaders.